In case you are laboring under the misapprehension that, being in the health and wellbeing sector, I’m sailing through COVID like it’s a slightly advanced version of a meditation retreat, let me level.

I’m a life coach and yoga teacher, and a card-carrying hippy. But I’m struggling with the challenges presented by COVID every single day. STRUGGLING.

Yes, I’m doing yoga. Meditating. Using gratitude prayers. Staying active. Talking to loved ones. Feeling occasional, legitimate joy and excitement about potential for change. 

And then there are the times when I lie on the floor, devastated by my own life challenges which have nothing to do with COVID, and/or issues that are COVID-y global in nature. 

I do this kind of stuff. 

  1. judge people who I consider to be behaving irresponsibly / not fathoming the potential gravity of the situation
  2. judge people who I consider to be wildly overreacting
  3. take in a limited amount of news through my preferred channels and vehemently reject ANY news anyone else tries to tell me. Like SHUT UP with your informative (read: anxiety-inducing) facts and figures
  4. dispense with my opinions about Jeff Bezos and desire to support local businesses, by opting for the ease and affordability of ordering errthang on Amazon
  5. get really mad at people who don’t obey the social distancing and isolation laws and regulations. My inner five-year-old, goody-two-shoes self emerges, and she is obsessed with behaving, because that is what good girls do. Anyone who has the insolence to flagrantly ignores the rules is inverting my goody-two-shoes world order… and that makes me MAD. I’m scowling right now.

Oh and I’m generally short-tempered, grumpy and quick to give an unsolicited opinion. But that’s normal. 

What to do about all these yogic misdemeanors?

First up: Self-compassion. Shame and guilt only exacerbate pain – compassion for self is essential.

Then: A quick check in, when possible, with the stress. Where is it coming from? How can I comfort and reassure myself? 

Finally: Breathe and accept. This situation is so immeasurably stressful in so many ways and it might last a really long time before I can go back to busy, constant distraction. Waiting for COVID and isolation to end, assuming all my issues will lift like clouds when it does, is not a solution.

Accepting the moment as it is, as heavy and painful as it might be, is the only way to get through this without burning out or blowing up. And, in a painfully stressful moment, deep breath works like a mini-meditation or yoga-practice. It helps me.