Have you noticed how many LinkedIn posts are about how leaders should treat employees? It’s often the classic Richard Branson quote about putting employees first, or a similar one from Steve Jobs. Their proven logic is that if employees are happy, customers will be satisfied as a natural consequence.

How about you: what do you think of your boss?

Do you admire your supervisor, and their supervisor?

How much respect, trust and encouragement do you get from your manager?

And what do you think of the top tier: inspiring individuals, or smug corporate arsehats?

Enjoying your work depends on the interactions and bonds you have with colleagues, and particularly the relationship you have with your manager. And given how central career fulfillment is to a broader sense of balance and joy, this relationship is all the more critical.

If your manager is a control-obsessed, information-withholding, ladder-climbing, two-faced type, it makes it much harder to own and enjoy what you do each day at work. It can leave you feeling undervalued and unmotivated.

But if they trust you, give you the space and opportunity to test out your ideas, listen to you, respect your opinions and input… Then work becomes a place where you learn, and grow as a person. It provides a deeper level of fulfilment and meaning that money can’t buy.

When you are motivated to go to work not just for a paycheck, but because of a drive such as your personal growth, this is way more fulfilling for you as an employee – and better for the company as a result. Win-win. 

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