What would you do if money was no object?

What comes so naturally and brings you such fulfilment that you wouldn’t need money to do it?

These are classic coaching questions, aimed at establishing what makes you come alive, with a view to goal setting for your career and lifestyle.

Try this exercise:

Imagine you win the lottery. So much you never need to work again in your life. What would you do: Throw an enormous party? Buy a huge house and a cool car or ten? Travel extensively? Donate to your favorite charities?

And after all of that, when you’ve satisfied all your travel bugs and material needs: what would you do? Which innate skills do you possess that you’d feel compelled to use?

In answering, try to list as many things as possible. Be specific; imagine yourself doing what you’d be doing in detail. If other ideas come to you write these down too. The more the merrier – plus, often the thing you first think of is the most obvious, but it’s not something you really want to commit to doing every day, or pursue another study in order to be able to do.

The answers don’t translate directly into the career path you should take. But they will help you get clear on what really grabs your attention and gives you fulfilment.

It’s one of the questions I posed when I was transitioning out of my life as a lawyer. The answer? I reveled in fantasies about being a travel writer – exploring the globe and committing my observations and experiences to paper (or MacBook).

After that, I became a copywriter and translator – and started traveling more. I didn’t reconstruct my fantasy to the letter, but doing this exercise helped me get really clear on what makes my heart soar. And life’s too short to spend substantial swaths of time doing anything else.

I use this exercise and many, many more with clients so they get clearer and happier. Curious what coaching could mean for you? Contact me now.