I’m settling into a home for the first time in more than two years. After spending most of my time since 2016 living out of a suitcase, I am tapping into a new, deeply domesticated vibe. And loving it.

Scouring Craigslist ads for the right lamp, visits to IKEA (3 times in one week!), working out what rug will go with the accent wall once we actually paint the accent wall: I’m taking total delight in all these activities. 20-year-old me would be horrified.

What does it mean to have a home?

Feeling grounded and having a base serves a very fundamental human need – to have somewhere safe and cozy we can retreat to when we are tired or vulnerable.

Existing without this sense of home for so long took its toll, because I was constantly working (yoga, routine, eating well, staying connected with loved ones) to give myself that sense of security and safety wherever I was.

The extensive travel I’ve done has been incredible. But now, I revel in making my own coffee in the morning, reading books on the couch with candles and Ben Howard, cooking three meals a day in my kitchen… sometimes I just open the wardrobe to look at my clothes hanging in a wardrobe!!!, as opposed to lying in a chaotic tangle in my luggage.

Finally having a home and feeling grounded has freed up a lot of energy, most of which I have so far channeled into assembling IKEA furniture and bargaining with Craigslist users. But I have great plans for all this extra energy. And as soon as I’m back from Hawaii just before Christmas (last suitcase adventure for 2018!), I’ll get started on using it.

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