The stores are full of Christmas tat, which can only mean one thing – it’s almost time for another new year. Before things start to really ramp up with festive parties and panicked gift-purchasing (which is the only way I purchase gifts), I am taking time to start working on my priorities and goals for 2019. 

Here is a selection of the goals that I’ve set for next year, if you need some inspo.

  • Hike Mt Whitney with Chris
  • Have a thriving coaching and translation/writing business (I’ve set a couple of financial goals – if you’re curious, ask me!)
  • Improve my skiing and do the Cornice run at Mammoth again
  • Feel settled in my home
  • Maintain the currently strong yoga home practice
  • Spend time with family in Australia and Brazil
  • Attend at least 6 surf events with Chris, including J Bay and Bali
  • Go to at least two concerts and dance my ass off
  • Spend regular quality time with Chris’ daughters
  • Gym / run / hiking regularly
  • During the summer: lots of surfing
  • When at home, eat out no more than twice a week
  • Read all the books that I’ve bought (a recent book depository binge has left me with a shit-ton of reading material…)
  • Keep a journal – super basic, just a daily check in of how I’m feeling
  • Create a gratitude habit with Chris – a daily exchange of what we are grateful for
  • Be kinder to people, especially those closest to me who sometimes see my nasty side (hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Chris)

So far that’s it, but it’s a work in progress – I’ll keep adding and amending.

As you can tell, I’m a person who doesn’t mind listing a whole bunch of stuff and not achieving it all. When several of these prove impossible, I’ll just shrug it off – it’s a kind of ‘aim for the stars’ mentality.

But if you’re someone who has to tick everything off a list, AT ALL COSTS, it’s better to make a shorter, achievable list.

You are looking to creating meaningful change in your life – big or small. Set goals (and even mini, interim goals) that help you work towards what you want to achieve.

K I’m dying to know. What are you aiming for in 2019?