Deciding to become a life coach is turning out to be awesome so far. Pitted alongside a stream of cool experiences and opportunities to learn in my life, entering a new phase of my career feels exciting. But also, daunting. Sometimes I’m downright terrified.
We’re often told to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ – there’s even a book by this name. Sounds great, but letting go of fear can seem intimidating, if not impossible.
One of my favorite tricks to dealing with fear is to work out what it is I’m afraid of. Firstly: what is the worse-case scenario? Say that plays out. What will happen?
Whether it’s dating someone, and I’m afraid of being rejected.
Having an important conversation, and not being understood.
Going for a job, and not being taken on.
Ending a relationship, and feeling lonely.
Trying a new sport, and sucking outright at it.
Moving location, and not being happy there.
Starting a business, and having it tank.
What will happen? If the sh*t hits the fan, will I survive? Can I pick myself up and walk away? Usually the answer is yes. Often, the answer is yes, with an awesome anecdote.

Clearly no fear of looking like a git in public
And then I flip the question. What if something really amazing happens? Will it be worth the risk?

Sometimes, fear is legitimate and it’s important to listen to that. But often it’s trying to keep us in the realm of the safe and known. And as much as I adore safe and known, and am even longing for it right now (it’s on my list of goals for 2018!), I also love to learn from experience and trust the process. 

Which is why I say ‘yes’ and at the very least learn, rather than ‘no’ and never know.