A while back my sister told me that according to my horoscope (ahem) my life would become really social after my 37th birthday. After years of focus on myself, I would quite suddenly find myself more often in the company of other people and finding deeper interpersonal connections.
The introvert in me was not pleased. “Other people?! Ewwwww!!” were her exact words. She threw an all-out hissy fit, marched to her bedroom, slammed the door, and has been listening to the best of 90s grunge, really loud, ever since.
Another part of me figured: this horoscope stuff is baloney. So I ignored it. Phew!
Alone, except for the other tourists and the photographer. Hi Chris!
But whether it’s the path of my north node or just, like, life, the last two years have been much more social than those before. In Morocco I spent a lot of time at home, delighting in my own company. But since then – yep, just after my 37th birthday – I have been almost continuously with others. Share-housing, visiting mates and family scattered on different continents, and this year crashing the surf events my boyfriend works at around the globe. Especially since I gave up a fixed abode, a situation which is now so wearying I find myself fantasizing about domesticity (not housework – just watching Game of Thrones in the same place every week), I am experiencing a stark shortage of solo-time.
To balance out all the interaction, I’ve found a few ways to make sure I don’t just survive but thrive.
  • Yoga, meditation and running give me grounding and perspective.
  • Surrounding myself almost exclusively with awesome, inspiring, grounded peeps who give rather than take energy.
  • I no longer over-commit to social engagements. I am a master at ninja-style, under the radar-ness.
  • When I have the chance for downtime, I avoid the internet. Zoning out on a long walk or napping take precedent.

Doing these things nourishes me and ensures my sensitive soul doesn’t burn out on social activity. They make me a better person when I am with others. And I’d never have anticipated it, but I am loving this new phase… because I’m learning more and laughing more than ever before.