While I generally consider myself spontaneous, I love booking flights way, way in advance. Incapable of committing to a singular place of residence, yes. But seeing flights lined up like a row of flamingos in my calendar gives me a peculiar sense of comfort and joy.  
A dear friend pales at the thought of this level of travel commitment: every time I mention I’ve nailed down another intercontinental excursion for 6 months from now, she gasps. “That would totally stress me. Knowing I have to do something in 6 months’ time. Couldn’t deal with the pressure.”  
This year involves plenty of travel. To date: after roadtripping from Portugal to Amsterdam, I spent two months Australia seeing my family then heading to surf comps in Coolangatta, Margaret River and Torquay. This month, I flew from Adelaide through 36 hours in Amsterdam to Brazil to see my brother as well as my bloke, who works with the World Surf League, and attend the surf comp in Rio de Janeiro’s beautiful SaquaremaTip: hanging out on tour with the WSL with zero responsibilities is pretty awesome. 
I’ve rarely spent longer than one week in the same place before heading back to another airport or bus station. And it’s been a singularly incredible time – this is the best year of my life so far – but travelling almost continuously takes its toll.  
During my fleeting stopover in Amsterdam, I had a meltdown. My body was so annoyed with my mind for carrying out all these crazy plans that in lieu of having dinner with dear mates, I arrived, lay on their couch, then fled to the bathroom where I proceeded to puke violently. They put me to bed and stroked my brow, while I sobbed and moaned about my self-inflicted homelessness. It is a testimony to their kindness that they didn’t brand me a whining #firstworldproblems princess and toss me on the street.  
Aside from giving time and energy to an awesome relationship and visiting some spectacularly beautiful places, these months have been filled with lessons. I have learned so much, about my family, my friendships, myself. About human interaction and the way I connect and share with others during this fleeting thing called life.  
I’m busy with a new career direction – more on that soon. Right now I’m in my brother’s lounge in Rio de Janeiro, plotting how we’ll watch Twin Peaks tonight. This Saturday I’ll attend the wedding of close friends in Amsterdam and two weeks later I’ll leave for Bali. Amid all the movement, the change, and the unexpected stuff that comes on my path I feel content and calm, and an unprecedented level of trust in what lies ahead