It’s been a while since I posted, which usually occurs when I’m either really depressed or really happy. I’m glad to report this case is the latter. I’m at LAX, emotional but above all stoked, waiting for my flight to Europe after an exquisite few weeks in the US.

Ever since I first visited my brother in New York where he was doing his PhD, this country has fascinated me. At times it resembles my homeland of Australia so strongly I feel a beguiling sense of home (eucalypts, my native language, urban sprawl, obsession with sport and drinking and any combination of the two). 

At others it feels wildly foreign. Millions of malls, enormous portions, king-size cars, ubiquitous consumerism and endless freeways. But it’s foreign only in an entertaining, cool way. There are at least four alternative rock radio stations in the OC. Great Japanese lurks between In n Out burgers and strip malls. You can visit the beach and see incredible snow capped mountains in the same afternoon. Almost every highway exit has a tv or film or music connotation to pique my interest, even in the often insanely heavy traffic (el Segundo, Inglewood, The O.C. to name but a few).

People are friendly and curious, the landscape is incredible, and while there’s a lot of shit food around, there is also an exceptional amount of great cuisine. Thankfully, awesome outdoor activities mitigated ridiculous weight gain: hiking, running, rockclimbing, trampolining, swims in the sea and strolls on the beach all helped offset at least some of the delish consumables I’ve consumed. I meditated and did yoga, relaxed and indulged and stayed true to myself the whole time.

I’ll leave out the details, but a bunch of stuff fell into place during this trip. The simplicity of Hawaiian life, delightful times back in Cali, and exceptional company and conversation throughout facilitated insights as to my priorities for the year ahead. My focus is clearer, my heart is lighter. I’m sad to leave yet happier than ever. Above all, I’m grateful. And confident that 2017 is going to be fucking amazing.