Clarity and inspiration for meaningful change

What’s involved?

our coaching process together looks a little like this…

First up, we meet (on Skype or in person  – Evolve Coaching can happen wherever you are in the world!) for an initial consultation to get to know each other and ensure I’m the right coach for you. I’ll get a bunch of information from you so we have a picture of what you are looking to achieve through coaching.


Next, I send you a specialized email questionnaire for you to fill in. This goes deeper into what you want to achieve, asking some pertinent questions to get the clarity you need.

Then we meet for a further 5 one-hour sessions, which are about establishing goals, looking at possible blocks or challenges, forming a plan for change and then – yes! – putting your plans into action. After each session I’ll give you a tailored summary as well as assignments to keep you on track to meeting your goals.


During our final session, we look at how you’re progressing on your way towards achieving your goals. By this point many clients are ready to fly solo. If you feel you need some more support or guidance, we’ll talk about this during this session.


We also have two 30-minute follow-up sessions to check in a month or two later. How are you going with your goals? What’s changed for you and what hasn’t? These bonus sessions keep you right on track and give extra motivation, just in case you need it. 

The evolve life coaching program

 Initial 45-minute consultation (always free and no obligation)

 In-depth email questionnaire to get clear on where you want to make change

 5 one-hour coaching sessions

5 session summaries for motivation and clarity

 60-90 minute final session

 Ongoing support between sessions by email

Two 30-minute follow up sessions

Materials, resources and exercises throughout the process

All of this is yours for an investment of three €250 payments. Or, benefit from an upfront payment discount and pay only €675 for the entire program.

 Any additional 1-hour coaching sessions are €85.

personalized programs

If you’re looking for something different – a one-off session, a weekend intensive, a workshop with friends – just shout. I’ll make the ideal, tailored program to meet your needs and help bring your dreams to life. Contact me now with your specs.


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