Live according to YOUR priorities!

what do i know?!

As a finance lawyer at a top-flight global firm, I experienced the extremes of a high-flying corporate career first hand. After a painful burnout which left me scared and uncertain, I decided to quit. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but knew I needed to get clear on what made me come alive, rather than continue a career just because I happened to have the right degree and a sought-after role at a top-notch firm. This decision was the single most important I’ve made.

it changed my life!

Since then I’ve travelled extensively, run a successful yoga business in Morocco and a copywriting and translation agency in Europe, lived on different continents, met an abundance of incredible peeps, learned new skills and expanded my comfort zone beyond my wildest dreams (and my dreams are pretty wild).

I’ve spent my time doing the things I love like yoga, surfing, travelling, learning and laughing – and lived according to MY priorities and what makes me truly happy. And while it’s been challenging at times, it has also been singularly AWESOME.

As a life and career coach, I work with people just like you: intelligent, social, fun, with passion and drive. People who like to travel and are eager to learn. Who sometimes wonder if there’s ‘more to life than this’. Who want to get the most out of their lives but are feeling stuck in their career or want to change their lifestyle.

i work with people who want to make the change, but without the time or expertise to actually do it.

That’s where I come in! 

Working with me means getting clear on where you are, what you want, and how to make the changes to get there.

 It doesn’t mean drastically changing every facet of your life or scaring yourself silly: I might have left my legal career behind, but I’m still risk-averse. I like to make sure that even significant, awesome change happens in a way that feels safe and achievable. In fact, it’s one of my major talents.

I’ll help you work out what you need to do to live a life you love – and get you on track to making that happen. 

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